Tidal cannot play, No streaming formats available

Roon Core Machine

Headless Windows 10 Pro PC (Pentium Dual core 2.8 GHz, 4 GB with SSD, passive cooled.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Metrum Ambre as an endpoint.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Yesterday I started with Roon server.

I can play from my own library located on my NAS and Live radio is also working, but Tidal is not working.

However, I can play from Tidal from the PC without any problems.

I disabled the service, wait, enabled again, no succes. The message at theTidal account in Roon is: No streaming formats available.

I am logged in Roon and I can synchronize the library

Do you any suggestions?

Thanks for the reaction. I pay monthly for my Tidal so that should not be a problem. Albums are loaded and I can start numbers but before the number has started I got the message: This number is not available on Tidal, too many errors playing stopped.

I would check to make sure. Tidal changed their tier structure and some people were surprised to learn they got placed on the free tier.

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Hi @Dick_van_den_Nde,

This could be a network related issue, I would recommend rebooting your router, switch, and any other networking equipment you have. Then reboot the server that the Roon Core is running.

You didn’t mention how your devices are connected, if via WiFi or PowerLine adapters I strongly recommend switching to hardwired RJ45 connection. If you need to prioritise focus on the Roon Core machine.

Specking of which I don’t think your server meets the minimum requirements… it may “work” but will not give yield the best user experience.

Let us know how you get on.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the reply. I have a complete hardwired 1 Gb/s Ethernet network, no Wifi is used. I know the performance is not the best for the Roon server but until now I always could run everything on it. I was used to run JRiver with Convultion active. Performance was really high. Now I bought a new streamer and I am testing the Roon solution but until now not succesfull. Playing from my NAS library is perfect. Indexing was done quickly and no performance problem. I will ask a friend of mine to use my Tidal account on his setup to be sure we can filter out the Tidal tier problem.

If it’s an underperforming server you might struggle with Tidal due to the.processing needed for MQA authentication and decoding. A low powered Nas will really struggle to perform such things. When playing from Tidal check in Roons signal path to see what it’s reading for processing speed. Anything less than 1.5 your in the real danger area and likely the cause. Sometimes also ISP DNs servers struggle to connect via the most local CDN. If possible you could try and change your routers DNS settings so it points to or instead of using the defaults which would be your ISP. Ensure you have set the correct Tier in Roons Tidal settings to hifi or master’s. If you only subscribed to premium before you will have been moved to HIfi and need to set it to that. Premium no longer exists and is the free tier.

Thanks for the suggestion. This morning I found the solution. I do have two Tidal accounts with the same password. By accident I filled in the wrong username for the registration in Roon. The wrong one does not have subscription anymore. After entering the right credentials in Roon you can make a choice in the stream quality. Now I have my Master files again. Everything is working fine now! Everybody thanks for their help.


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