TIDAL "Classical" Albums Incorrectly Divvied Up Into Multiple Discs

Of the last ten I sampled, six had this problem.

Generally, they were poorly tagged as a group: missing composers, primary artists, you name it. It’s as if turned to a high-school student, gave him/her a bunch of albums, and said, “here. upload some of this c**p. And don’t ask why. Some people like this stuff.”

Where’s the pride, TIDAL?

It’s weird and appears to be a fairly new phenomenon. I’ve been thinking about this problem and it should be possible for us to detect these heuristically and present them as a single disc (which I think is better than the current situation).

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I concur with ‘recent’.

Gosh, I’ve got tagging on the brain! I’m a long-lapsed programmer. I used to write parsing routines for peoples names, addresses, and phones.

And after our recent thread on tagging and such, I literally “programmed” a tag parsing routine in my head. Well, not quite. I bogged down quickly. Classical-audio makes First/Middle/Last-name parsing look tame. SOOO many “except-ifs”.

The real solution is to rag on TIDAL about their tagging. But I agree. Near the end of the logic loop, there needs to be a least-best solution of “leave it be.” Maybe too much fuzz in Roon’s logic.

@John_V John, I think that this is probably coming from the labels… Tricky for TIDAL to sort out. The solution is for as many individuals as possible to apply pressure to TIDAL.

I’m glad it’s not just me! Yes, a frequent occurrence recently :confused: