Tidal codec error [Resolved]

Tidal not work fine for a few days… this is the error with any tracks,album from Tidal: ‘Transport: a codec requested for this track is not available’. Nuc i3 —> Rock —> Sotm Sms-200 No problem with my internet connection (100mps). Any idea?

Have you tried copying a fresh download of ffmpeg to the codecs folder?

No, how to do this with rock?

You can download it here save it to your pc or Mac.
Uncompress the zip file, you’re left with a single file named ffmpeg. This file needs to be copied to the ROCK’s Codecs folder. Connect to ROCK the same way you would connect to any other folder on your network (not with a web browser). On a Mac, ROCK appears in Finder under the Shared section. If asked for a username and password, connect as guest without a password. Copy ffmpeg to the Codecs folder.

Once the ffmpeg file is copied to ROCK, reboot the ROCK computer by going to its webpage, clicking the little red power icon in the upper right corner, and selecting Reboot. If all goes well, when it comes back up, it will say OK under Roon Server Software

OK, now TIDAL work fine !
tnks so much! GRAZIE!

You are welcome.

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