Tidal Collections gone? [ANSWERED no longer supported in Roon 1.6]

Hi there,

i’m back to roon again. I’ve imported all new and started from scratch and am wondering where the Tidal Collection section is. Has this been removed?


Edit: I was mistaken; TIDAL Collections have been removed from release 1.6 of Roon…

From the 1.6 release notes:

TIDAL Collections

We have removed this feature from Roon while we look into alternatives. Look for an updated version of Collections in a future release!

@ManInTheHighCastle @Geoff_Coupe: I believe it has been removed from 1.6. Both the release notes and looking at my own Tidal tab seem to confirm this.

Ah, thanks Bart - I thought that the TC had only been removed from the startup steps, but it would appear that they have been removed in their entirety from 1.6. I stand corrected.

OK. Thank you!