TIDAL, Collections, Tagging: Seeking Advice

Hi -

Basic problem statement: I don’t want to have thousands of Tidal favourites cluttering up my library when I don’t use Roon (eg directly in the Tidal app on iPhone or within a manufacturer’s control app like Naim), but I do want to have much more Tidal content available within Roon so that the recommendations and indexing can help me with new music discovery.

In my early test experience with Roon, I used the Tidal Collections for this: the “pre-loaded” Tags feature enabled easy addition and deletion of hundreds of albums in a given genre. I would add them to my Roon collection (and thus they were automatically marked as favourites in Tidal) while at home… then delete them as a single group when I wanted to use a different interface or I got tired of exploring that genre or whatever.

As our family use of Roon is also expanding, I thought that a similar approach to “person specific tags” might help filter our individual views of a single large family collection: my wife and I like many things in common, but not everything… and I see that others who use Tidal Family are hoping to link different Tidal login / collection information to different Roon Profiles, which has a similar “customized user” flavour to it.

I noted this morning, in trying to go back to that “temporary collection experience” that Tidal Collections (still referenced in the Knowledge Base) are no longer offered in Roon Release 1.6. I went to the Tidal Browser page in Roon, searched for an available genre and got a few dozen hits. I can select each one and add it to my collection; but I don’t seem to have any “actions” available if I use the “select all” command.

What I’d like to do, but can’t see any menu options for, is to select multiple albums in Tidal (eg as revealed by a “search”) then add them all to my collection and mark them all with a custom tag.

Is this sort of “pre-collection” management function available in the Roon interface? I was working directly within the Mac Roon App (rather than on iPad as normal), so I don’t think it’s a limitation of my interface choice. Any help appreciated, and thanks in advance if you read this far and can point me in the right direction!


You could just add an extra tag to what you put in?

found this because i couldnt remember where all the junk in my library came from and realised its the tidal crap from original imports… cant see anything in roon now regarding this or cleaning it up.

Roon can be great but holy hell its frustratingly annoying also and lacking features

I did find today you can heart what you really like then sort by that. then u can have heaps of ■■■■■■ random albums in your library but u only see the hearted albums

Thanks @Snook - my original “use case” problem (wow, like 3 years ago now!) was resolved when Roon added full search and suggestions from the Tidal library and not just the content in my favourites collection. I think it was among the most fundamental upgrades to the curation and content suggestions ever, and has taken me down many related artist paths. Most excellent!