TIDAL Connect inside Roon

hey everybody ,
Tidal has now delivered Tidal Connect for BluOS and Volumio OS Users
Very useful if you have a Node 2i or a simple Pi 3or4 with Volumio OS
Then you can just run Tidal application in iPhone or iPad as remote and send music to these endpoint
I do it inside Roon but I don’t think Roon is using tidal connect to stream music and the fact is that I got a very long delay at the end of each tidal track like a long minus before I have the next track
I prefere sincerely use Roon as my favorite music player but when it comes to Tidal it’s horrible
Is there a solution for that ?

Hi Najib, Roon does not nor will use Tidal connect. Tidal connect is to connect directly to audio devices without the need for 3rd party server software, plus it negates using Roon as it’s using Tidals interface, so its of no intrinsic value for Roon to add it. If you have issues with Tidal playback in Roon then I would look into it with support as to what the issue is as it should not be doing that. When I subscribed to Tidal it worked the same as Qobuz does now no playback issues but maybe there is something apparent causing this issue in your setup.

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