TIDAL Connect support

I have noticed some resistance in improving the implementation of the connection with TIDAL (everyone is waiting for the possibility to search the playlists of TIDAL and QOBUZ), also TIDAL and QOBUZ have a better system of “recommendations”.

I notice that your competitor VOLUMIO has declared that it will be compatible with TIDAL Connect in 2021, I hope you are thinking about it



It would be good to use the whole functionality if they cannot deliver My Mix.

However for me might be better to have this delivered by LUMIN directly.

I have been thinking how to use Tidal as the app, Roon and LUMIN all have different functionality.

Just tried this with my Sonos gear, it works really well, I don’t have the functionality for MQA etc, but in terms of playing anything from my iPhone it works really well.
I’m excited to see how I can develop a Tidal Connect system.