Tidal Connect Volumio disables Roon Audio Ouput

I’ve tried Volumio on Raspberry Pi to see what Tidal connect is like. I also enabled the roon plugin on Volumio.I have a ADI-2 DAC connected via USB.

I tested Roon fine. I then enabled DAC output in Volumio, Tidal connect works perfectly. I go back to Roon and the DAC audio device is unavailable. Go back to Volumio change output to something else then Roon can use DAC output fine again.

It appears there is a conflict with both plugins not being able to share the output to the DAC. Has anyone else had this problem?

If the other device does not release ALSA then it will be unavailable as that other has exclusive control. It should release that if music is paused. Roon should release control of ALSA as soon as output is paused. Does for me on Ropieee when using squeezelite ior UPNP. I would talk to Volumio as it’s grabbing the hold and not letting go by the sounds of itm