Tidal connection failed

I have a UK HiFI Tidal account which I can’t log into on Roon - all I get is a message saying ‘There was an unexpected error, please check your account details’ The Tidal app works fine on my Macbook Air.
Thanks for any help


The same happened to me and what I did was to restart Roon Server. When I put my login info on a Roon Remote Roon told me the same error as you.

Hope that works

Still having this problem @Alastair_Romanes? Let @vova and I know and we can look into this further for you.


Thanks for this - seemed to work although Roon has crashed a couple of times today so my cup is still is half-full but working on it. Sorry not to have replied earlier to your very prompt reply.
Best wishes

As you can see from my reply to Norman Salazar, still a few problems although Tidal back on stream. If I need any more help I’ll get back to you - thanks for your response
Best wishes

Hey @Alastair_Romanes – let me know if you’re still having crashes here and we can definitely take a look.


No problems recently but thanks for the offer of help
Best wishes

Having problems again logging into Tidal - I get ‘This Tidal account isn’t valid for use with Roon’. I’ve emptied the cache, restarted the server, changed my Tidal password all to no avail. No problems opening the Tidal app on my iPad and laptop. Help!

Is your subscription HiFi? I suspect there maybe a problem with Roon integration if the subscription is the base level one.

Thanks - it looks as if I’m not getting the HiFi service although I’m paying for it. Currently being bounced between Tidal and Apple each blaming the other.