Tidal connection getting lost

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on ethernet

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In the past weeks, every few days I found my tidal connection missing form the library. Only local sources are shown. If I go to settings/services, it shows that it’s disconnected. Clicking ‘retry’ does not resolve it. If I remove the connection and log in again, it usually works for a day or 2.
Super annoying when I walk up to my remote controller to play some music and discover that I need to go to the core and re-add tidal so that I can start playing a playlist.

Now even though I tried logging in a couple times, nothing. the browser page says:
You’ve successfully connected your TIDAL account.
Return to Roon if your browser doesn’t automatically redirect you…

but in roon i see the same ‘If you already have a tidal account, log in now’ message - even though I logged in a couple times.

Hi @Doug_Piranha, what browser are you using? If you use a different browser is there any change?

Hi Dylan,
No, there isn’t. After closing the core and restarting it, I was able to add the Tidal connection. Ideally, I’d like it to stay available once added.

Hi @Doug_Piranha, once your Tidal account is synced it should stay connected. Every time you restart Roon is the connection lost?

Hi Dylan,
No, it does not get lost when I start Roon. It randomly gets lost when the PC wakes up from sleep. I have it scheduled to sleep every night. Maybe that’s the problem.

Thanks for the details, @Doug_Piranha. I wonder if Roon is starting up before the network is when this happens and so when we try to automatically connect it fails. If Roon isn’t left open when the device is going into sleep does it still happen this way?