Tidal: Connectivity on AT&T LTE & 4G

I’m currently having issues here in Maine connecting to Tidal over AT&T’s wireless network (either LTE or 4G). If I turn my VPN on (while on a wireless network), I can connect fine. Something tells me the DNS entries are off or the like.

Is anyone else in the Northeast experiencing this? I sent a note to Tidal Support, and they replied 10 days later letting me know they are looking into the issue.

This may shed some light:

Wonder if it’s been resolved by now… I’m on AT&T outside Boston, on an unlimited plan (not the grandfathered version though), and I’ve got no issues using Tidal.

Seemingly fixed now with no true resolution from either ATT or Tidal. I reached out to both and received no comment.

I don’t use ATT cellular, but I do use ATT fiber at home (Raleigh.) It worked well for 15 months, then a couple months ago I started having slow response when playing Tidal on Roon. It worked fine with Core on T-Mobile cellular network. So I installed VPN (TunnelBear) on my Core to hide my Tidal requests from ATT and it solved all the problems immediately. If I shut off the VPN they come back immediately.

So either Tidal is lowering priority of requests from ATT customers, or ATT is throttling Tidal, or both.

It’s seemingly “fixed” now, but it was a great hassle.