Tidal content fails to play and Roon hangs

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So whilst waiting to hear back from you guys I have been conducting an exercise in finding that TIDAL content in my library that will not play.

I filtered my albums to just those on TIDAL and started clicking through them to see what would play and what wouldn’t.

After the first few that played, and a few that I knew wouldn’t, had all behaved as I expected I started finding that nothing would play at all. Currently I cannot play any TIDAL content at all, it all just hangs as per this screen capture;


Can you please assist?

Tim could you try signing up for a trial account under a different name and use that in roon to see if that clears things?

@noris @dylan

OK even more weirdness, with everything broken and no TIDAL content playing at all I restarted my core machine and then it started working again! Not only did the previously working content now play again so did the content that had been broken for weeks!

Hurrah I thought… at little prematurely as it turned out, I clicked through a few of the other albums and after about 5 minutes it all started to fail to play yet again… so I am back to square one again.

Anything at all you guys??

@ged_hickman1 that is a really good idea, I could also sign up for a new TIDAL trial account as well…

I actually just meant a TIDAL account but then went and left that out of the response. Duh!

Well I tried a new Roon account and that didnt make any difference, so lets try a TIDAL one too.

@noris @dylan feel free to jump in here any time!

Ok I’m totally at a loss now.

I created a new trial TIDAL account as @ged_hickman1 suggested.

I reset Roon completely, and signed in to it then added the new TIDAL account with no content whatsoever.

I added one album, the Tennis album from above, to my library and tried to play it… and it failed on some of the tracks yet again;


@noris @dylan Care to comment?

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

Appreciate your patience while this reached my queue again and thank you for the troubleshooting you have performed in the meantime.

I’m looking over this latest video and it appears you let Roon only attempt to load the track for a few seconds. At this point in troubleshooting, I’d like to take a look at logs from your Core to see if we can gather more clues regarding this behavior, so what I’d like to test here is:

  1. Note the exact local time + date when you begin this test

  2. Please select the ROCK HDMI zone or PC’s “System Output” as the active zone (depending on which one is the Core currently)

  3. Try playing one of the non-working tracks such as “In the Morning I’ll Be Better”

  4. Let Roon attempt to play the track for 5-10 minutes

  5. Let me know once the test is complete and which Core you used and I’ll enable diagnostics to gather a log package

I know the troubleshooting process takes some time, so I greatly appreciate your patience here Tim.

Hi @noris

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

Yes that is true but the tracks that work, work immediately the tracks that fail you can tell after just a couple of seconds. So it meant for a shorter video!

As requested I have;

  • Initiated playback of Haelos - Any Random Kindness - track 1 - Another Universe @ 16:23:30 GMT to the Windows 10 Core System Output
  • Left it spinning until 16:30 GMT

I was signed in using my lifetime account and not the trial one. The track did not play at all in that time. Hopefully the logs will show you something!

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

Thanks of reproducing that behavior. I can confirm logs have been received and I have requested some feedback from QA regarding the traces. Once I have more info I’ll be sure to update you accordingly.

Hi @noris

Thanks for grabbing the logs. I think I may have worked out what its going on here. The logs may help confirm it actually. I’m going to take a look now and will report back shortly…

I think the phrase rhymes with clucking bell

@noris @support you can stand down I have worked out what the problem was.

I have a cloud-based intrusion protection system on my network. I had assumed that it was not the cause of the issue because the problem seemed to be track-based, some tracks on an album would play and others would not. But turns out I was wrong, the IPS was blocking the following IP addresses;

These IP addresses map to URLs like this;

I dont understand why it was affecting some tracks and not others but still I am currently doing this rather a lot

Thank you all for you help and of course, sorry. I shall now leave quietly…

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New name gets added to the support Naughty List.

Yes I shall probably live to regret this, but it’s no more than I deserve.

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

Glad to hear you tracked down the issue to the IPS system you had in place :slight_smile: . It’s certainly strange that it blocked only some TIDAL content while others worked as expected, but in either case, happy to hear you sorted it out! Until next time, take care :wave:

Thank you @noris. Sorry again for being a stroppy customer! Until next time… :wink:

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