Tidal content is NOT included in Radio

Tidal content is NOT included in Radio which is a shame. I would love Tidal content to be mixed with my own content when using the radio. This will be a great way to discover new music similar to the one that started the radio. This is the beauty of Google Play Music; the integration is a perfect blend with your local files (files you uploaded to GM) when using the radio.
So it seems MORE Tidal integration (for Radio) is needed rather than less.
And the way it’s implemented right now in Roon, I don’t find Tidal intrusive in any way.

Ah, yes but it is! :slight_smile: (Tidal content included in Radio)
If you have added albums from Tidal to your library, songs from these will be played in Radio-mode.
As they should be imo…

Tidal content not in your library does not play in radio mode though, which i am grateful for but still could see as an option.

Thanks for this info, I guess I will have to add a lot more Tidal content to get this to work then.
How do you find Roon’s Radio intelligence though?
I have over 40k tracks and when playing a song or genre which is over 5k tracks, Roon just seem to play a handful of artists and songs over and over. I don’t find it particularly good.

Any idea how to get back the Tidal “Jump Start Your Library”? I dismissed it a while ago. I think it’s the easiest way to curate Tidal albums for my library.

It’s been a while since turned radio back on, but before I turned it off, my experience was similar to yours. I hope the Roon team will put some work in on this … once some the higher priority items are taken care of.

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[quote=“kayo, post:50, topic:25344, full:true”]
Any idea how to get back the Tidal “Jump Start Your Library”? [/quote]

In the main menu choose Tidal and then Collections

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Found it.

It seems a bit less random than i would like, but it sure helps me rediscover some lost “goodies” in my library :slight_smile:

I think most users agree that it could need some work though, i can become a bit repetitive.

If i want a nice music mix i mostly tend to tune in to Radio Paradise’s 320kbps stream! :smiley:

I agree. Roon radio is too predictable and basic. Doesn’t mine one’s collection very well. But I’m sure there are a lot of challenges in designing something like this to please the disparate interests among Roon users. I assume when they roll something out, it will be a sea change.