TIDAL difficulties and enough is enough

Roon Core Machine

Asus laptop as Core, Project Streambox + Synxcer SU 6 Bridge.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi Standard Router, Problem free in all other apps


Connected Audio Devices

only the Project Streambox S2 Ultra

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Instantaneous interruptions and leaps to the next track, on and on. Playback is altogether unreliable … and I spent a great deal to avail myself with audio quality. Instead I have garbage!

Exactly the same here - Tidal, Qobuz & local streaming are totally unusable.

Looking at a lot of expensive audio gear that plays for 6s, clicks and skips through an album.

I see you state Wi-Fi router……that is likely the source of your streaming issues.
Unfortunately it is somewhat irrelevant as to how it performs on other apps, Roon is a LOT more network demanding I am afraid.
Can you try wired as a test?

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this is a read you take note of.

TL;DR Dont use Wifi for a CORE connection

Most other audio software passes the flac or other file as is to the end point doesn’t concern itself with the clock and let’s the end point get on with it. Roon uncompreses and sends as full pcm and retains the master clock role this leads to much more going across the network in real time.
Many wireless networks just aren’t up to the job.

My entire setup is wired.

Roon rock running on a NUC into the same router, next port along as a Rpi endpoint.

And it’s an unusable stutter fest since the last update.

Could be a Ropieee issue, going to try a fresh image. But I can’t make my wired network any quicker.

Curiously my phone and a wireless laptop work flawlessly - so, this issue of wired/wireless can’t be the the only explanation.

Thanks Kevin for your answer. I decided to try wired, but ran into into a snag (sigh). Purchased a usb-Ethernet adapter that doesn’t function. Presently, the laptop is with a techie who will determine, hopefully, where the hiccup lies.

I have given up trying to play Tidal - it’s hopeless!
Renewal coming up later this month so it’s goodbye to Roon

Hello All,
As recommended, I hard-wired the Asus and stream via wifi to the Stream Box s2 Ultra.
My hopes have been dashed, however: no sooner had I launched Roon-Tidal than the dreaded scratching noise stopped the music and the ominous announcement - Tidal running slowly, etc - reared it ugly head. No track plays for more than a few seconds. Like speed dating, with similar results.
I do not understand why this has happened and why it persists … A few weeks ago there were no such difficultes at all. May this having something to do with Roon servers, transmission in Switzerland, etc.
What to do?


Are sure that Roon is to blame?
A lot of streaming errors originate from problems in the network (LAN); hardware and software (settings in network devices).

Correction-modification to my previous post: to push things further, I removed the Singxer SU-6 bridge from the chain and conncted the Streambox to the DAC via USB. Guess what? Seamless play.
Now; why would the Singxer suddenly pose a problem after several months faultless use with the Streambox.
Anyway, let the musci play!

… I will shut up soon … however, I regret to report that my ‘correction-modificaiton’ info. proved short-lived … back to stutter, spurt, skip, and jump.
Please, can anyone suggest a direction?

The usual suspects need to be checked.

  • is your core wired to the network and has enough resources (memory CPU etc)
  • is the audio hardware wired correct and do the ports they operate with work as they should (USB etc).
  • is your network configured/connected as such that is is functioning as it should** (DNS, DHCP etc.)
  • is there faulty/wrong hardware (switches/router/cables) in your network.

** No, it does not hold that other things work so Roon should work to :wink:

Reduce the things that can be faulty and find the fault by elimination.

I have been running the Streambox over the Singxer SU-6 bridge with the output over to I2S to the DAC.
Checking in the Audio Settings, Roon, only the Streambox figures among the devices. Should the Singxer be there as well? In place of the Streambox which is there? The configuration of the Streambox is performed via Projects’s App - the output device is the Singxer, the streamer listed is the Streambox
As far as I can tell, Peter, i believe that usual suspectss you enumerate are not in fact suspects in my case (?)
Thank you

Device setup in Roon shows: Streambox = bridge, Singxer = audio device.

Hi @edward_swiderski, Does the same issue occur if you play to System Output?

Hello Dylan,
Just checked: yes, unfortunately

I disabled DSP and now the audio flows smoothly. Is it a matter of settings in Roon DSP in relation to the capabilities of the Speedbox (still, this had not been an issue). Can anyone advise how to set up DSP?

Merci bien


When you have some DSP enabled you need to look at your signal path and see what your processor speed is.
Anything lower than about 1.3x is likely to give you the sort of problems you describe.
Which this then is a limitation of the server you are using as Roon Core.

Hi Kevin
I re-enabled DSP to see what the speed is: fluctuates between 18.4 and 14.2.
But right away the turbulence returned; I turned off DSP, and again the music flows.