Tidal disappearing from source list

I am seeing an issue where Tidal is disappearing from the source list.

The system is a nucleus plus server interfaced with Crestron media player app and Roon iOS app.

It is running the latest releases/builds.

When the issue occurs it is still possible to select internet radio source. The Tidal option is just missing.

A reboot of the Roon Server Software brings tidal back.

Hi @Chris_Brown1,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when this happens?

How often does this occur?

Has this issue always occurred or is this something that just recently started?

I will update with a screenshot on it next occurrence.

The issue has occurred twice so far 24-02-2020 and 28-02-2020.

It is only something that started 24-02-2020. The Roon and Crestron integrations were installed 25-11-2019. And ran faultlessly for about 12 weeks.

Hi @Chris_Brown1,

Please do share the screenshot next time this behavior occurs, as it would be helpful to understand what exactly is going wrong here.

Does this behavior impact both your Crestron selection and the Roon iOS app? Or just one and not the other?

The behaviour impacts both interfaces.

Hi @Chris_Brown1,

Thank you for confirming that this issue affects both interfaces. When this issue next occurs, please do share a screenshot of the behavior so that we can better understand what’s going on. Thanks!