Tidal Does Not Auto-Connect

My Core is on an iMac. When I:

  1. quit Roon,
  2. restart or shut down and reboot the iMac and
  3. open Roon
  4. open Roon remote on an iPad

…Roon does not auto-connect to Tidal

I get a message on my remote/Ipad that says Tidal is not connected. It also asks if I want to Retry or Edit. When you choose Edit, you link to Tidal’s log-in page. At this point, my username and password has been pre-populated. It tells me my login is successful and asks if I want to open Roon. Since the Roon app is already open, I ignore. Now the Roon app says I’m logged in.

This never occurred before the most recent update. Is that the way it’s now supposed to work?

I have most recent Mac update. It’s not an Internet connection issue or rlse I wouldn’t be able to manually log in to Tidal.

Thanks in advance.

It’s a known fault roon are working on a fix.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

We have an improvement coming soon which we believe will improve things here. Keep an eye out for a new release in the near future and let us know how it goes after you update!

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