Tidal does not connect properly and shows no artwork

Dear all,

After installing 1.8 I could not get Tidal to show any content. So I disconected Tidal and reconnected it. But it still did not show any content (such as New Albums):

If I actively search for an album it loads very slowly but does not show the artwork at all. Weirdly enough, I can play the songs that I have saved as “My Tracks” just fine (ableit without much of the artwork):

As an error message I get the following:

This seems weird to me since I have the latest version installed:

I am running Roon on a 2015 MacBook Pro:

My internet connection is fine and everything else runs smoothly.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi @Snow — Can you try rebooting your Core machine? Any change after doing so?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your reply. I indeed rebooted the MacBook, which is the core. It seems to work better now.

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