TIDAL doesn't sign in automatically

Hi Roon Community,
Same here in AUS. Running Roon core on Mac OS. Tidal was “signed in” on start up and although often very slow to load albums from “Play now”, it stayed “signed in” until about a week or so ago. Now, Tidal doesn’t sign in automatically on Roon start up and is “dropping sign in” all the time. Making using Tidal on Roon a real PITA.
Appreciate any advice.

Hi @Neil_Whisson,

Welcome to the forum. Can you please confirm that you’re running the latest version of Roon? You can access this info in Roon Settings -> About and I would make sure that you are using build 528 for both your Core and any Roon Remote(s).

Yes build 528. It’s still happening multiple times a day. Tidal not signing in on Roon startup every time now.

This is still happening to me in AUS. Tidal through Roon using iMac as core. Ver 1.7 build 528. Tidal not signed in on startup. Keeps dropping sign in at multiple times whilst listening to music. Refuses to re-sign in despite Roon website saying log in successful.

Hi @Neil_Whisson,

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date you’re signed out of TIDAL next? I’d like to get this timestamp and then enable diagnostics mode for your account to see if there’s perhaps more info in your Roon logs regarding this behavior.

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