TIDAL down - cannot login

Here in Denmark it is impossible to connect to TIDAL at the moment. Is it only here?

Here in US as well. Neither Tidal via Roon or directly through Tidal.
Quit mid album.

Now it works again…just a small break in connection I guess!

We are working again as well.

Just went down again…

Working once again.

I can’t login to Tidal via Roon here (Australia).
I can log in to Tidal standalone

It’s all OK for me in Melbourne Trevor, where are you in Oz ?

Mine is down here in Canada. “Unexpected error loading album”.

You fine people have very generous understanding of what “down” means. Some seem to be unable to log in to TIDAL in Roon but it works in TIDAL’s own clients (which means TIDAL is not down). Some are reporting albums not playing, which is something else.

It is of great help to check errors if you all are specific on what you were expecting and what happened, what platform, which versions, what albums/tracks/playlists, what error message etc.


Fair enough. Yes the Roon/Tidal interface is down, not Tidal in its own app. The error I get states the following: "Unexpected error while loading album. Please try again later. (UnexpectedError)

Running Windows 10
Error occurs on every album I try to choose.

Hey @Kimmyrocker – can you try clearing your TIDAL cache and then restarting Roon?

@Trevor_Nathan – let me know if you’re still having issues here and we’ll take a look. Sorry for the trouble guys!

Cleared my cache and getting the same error.

I went ahead and did a fresh install and everything seems to work now.

Just sent you a PM @Kimmyrocker – take a look and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!