Tidal dropouts April 2020, forced to listen with the BlueOs app

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon Version 1.7 (Build 528)
Mac Mini i5 processor.

Bell Fibre connection.

Audio Devices
Wifi connection
Bluesound Node

Description Of Problem
Tidal dropouts April 2020, forced to listen with the BlueOs app.

Roon keeps cutting out because of poor connection to Tidal, using BluOs with no problem?

You need to fill in the rest of the information ifpeople are to know enough to help.

I am just making a statement. Roon cuts out, the BluOs is not. I know it is band width slow down with Covid-19 internet provider cutting of bandwidth. Who else is experiencing this?

So the matter is solvable with the likely problem something to do with your home networking. It’d be really helpful if you could provide more information about your setup so Roon and/ or the community may assist.

Hi @Dr_Glen_Rasmussen,

Does this behavior only impact the Bluesound zone or does it impact multiple audio zones? For example, does “System Output” on your Mac behave as expected?

Well I have cut the cable and have a Bell Fibe connection, which is limited to 50mbs, and I just tested it and it is at spec. I tend to stream two videos at a time, on two tv’s with Roon in the background. In the last 2 weeks, Roon cuts out and gives the check connections message. I switch to the BluOs app and it plays fine. Never seen this before, Roon up to date. computer up date. I am going to use a ethernet connection to the Bluesound Node that I use for music streaming, to see if that has a impact.

I still have a few months of my script left, but if this continues I might be leaving my much loved Roon experience.

What do you use as your networking equipment? Router , switch etc.

Hi @Dr_Glen_Rasmussen,

Does this same behavior occur without the two TVs running? It seems like you are right on the edge with a 50mb connection, the two videos might be using up the remaining available bandwidth on your network.

This is a good idea, as well as testing other zones for this behavior. I would try “System Output” on your Mac Mini to verify if this is a Node issue or a Core/Networking issue.

The problem is, it buffers using Roon, it does not with the BluOs app!!!

Hi @Dr_Glen_Rasmussen,

I understand that this behavior does not occur in the BluOS app, but the BluOS app does not work in the same way as Roon does. It streams directly to your endpoint while Roon has a server + endpoint architecture, meaning that there are a bit more hops before the audio reaches the endpoint in Roon’s case. Please run the two above tests I mentioned and we can gather some more information regarding this issue:

Changed to a ethernet connection, problem solved.


That’s fantastic news @Dr_Glen_Rasmussen! I would suggest you keep on using Ethernet in the case as it’s more stable than using WiFi. Any further issues just let us know!

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