TIDAL dropouts this afternoon

Anyone else here in Australia having consistent TIDAL dropouts through Roon this afternoon?
The music is stopping and starting randomly.

Have re-booted modem/router and Roon server. Internet connection is all good.

It doesn’t happen to me very often but when it does is really, really annoying :grin:

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A number of Ozzies are experiencing issues with just Tidal, or Tidal via Roon.

Has not been this bad for years (it was a carrier delivery network issue back then).

Thread on stereo net forum is quite active at the moment with similar complaints.

I logged a support ticket with Tidal, the more people who do this, more chance that Tidal will recognise they have an issue.

P.s. if I use my VPN and switch to another country like the USA, no issues. So it looks like a big issue affecting Australia users of Tidal.

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Yes!!! Started lat night. I opened a support topic, but no replies yet. Driving me crazy.

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Thanks guys,

I will log a support ticket with TIDAL. I have had very few issues with dropouts but it had to happen today when (one of the few times) my wife wanted to use Roon.

I’ll try the trick with my VPN.

Hi All,
Lots of drop-outs here started Thursday 27 Aug and ongoing as I post this. i just tried playing direclty via the Tidal app and unlike Roon which skips to the next track, tidal stops for lengthy periods of time and then starts again and this goes on and on, so it’s unusable.

Same here, started last night for me here in Perth. Eventually I gave up and started streaming iTunes.


I had this through Roon and the TIDAL app.

I haven’t tried today as I have been busy. I hope they sort it out quickly otherwise they will lose a customer, pointless paying for a streaming service that doesn’t stream.

The album I had my initial problems with was by Goldfrapp in the end I used my VPN and purchased the album from ProStudioMasters.

For me it is all working as per normal now (started working late Sunday night) - hoping it stays this way!

Yes, normal service seems like it has resumed :grinning: