Tidal dropping out in Roon

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
i7 PC running Window 10.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Ethernet connection to Roon End Point from router Super fast broadband 600MBS.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Raspberry Pi - Digione Signature Streamer running RoPIRee software

Description Of Issue
Tidal has started to drop out. I have very fast broadband so this should not be the issue.

I have tried all the things I can think off - turning the router off and on, clearing the playlist and re-booting the Tidal system in Roon but still it hangs up.

Any advice on where I should look to solve the issue.

What is the make and model of network equipment.

Hi @David_Galsworthy,

So we can better assist you, can you describe your networking hear? How are your devices connected?

Is local content playing okay?

If you play to System Output of the Core machine instead of the Pi is there any difference?

My system is PC with i7 processor running the Roon Core. This is connected directly to the internet service provider rooter interface. The rooter is connected by ethenet wire to my streamer - Digi-One Signature running RoPIRee software. I am accessing Roon through a Android tablet. Local content plays OK but I have not tried Tidal playing through the Core system much at all and because the drop out does not occur all the time it seems to work when I try it. I have a high speed internet link so speed should not be a problem. Does that help? Thanks David

Well it does seem to an intermittent issue. Listened last night for 3 hours plus - no problems at all!

Hi @David_Galsworthy,

Thanks for the update. Have you noticed any patterns in when this seems to occur? Are there any other apps in use at the time? Is network usage any higher than typical? Is it always during certain times of day?

Still looks good with no drop outs. Thanks for the support but seems to be random when it happened. Hope it continues this way. Thanks as well for putting Roon together - it is a wonderful way to interface with my music and adds so much to my life long musical exploration journey!!! Kind regards David (York UK)

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I will add your house to my list of attractions, after shambles etc :slight_smile:

Ged if you are ever in York you would be more than welcome to come round and hear my system. It is pretty amazing to listen to. The gear is Garrard 401, SME V, Van Den Hul Colibri cartridge, Lector phono stage for the vinyl front end, Digione Signature streamer, Chord Mojo DAC running Roon on RoPiRee for the digital front end, a home built high quality valve pre into the amazing Croft Series 3 output transformerless valve power amp feeding Quad 57 electrostatics speakers with a REL sub. The DAC is the only thing I will be changing and I will be getting a DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC in the next couple of months. It is a time machine - it takes you back to the exact moment the music was laid down by the muscians in the studio - right there in my front room. It is a real window to delve into the souls of the muscians - powerful and life enhancing stuff!!!

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Sounds amazing. There’s a chance I might be up in October. What wine goes with Garrard and Quad?

Ged - thougth I had replied but not on the stream so try again - A good Malbec I feel - full bodied, lots of spirit and a very smooth finish! See you in October. Regards David

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