Tidal error and asked to login again

Hello, I am facing the exact same problem.

Running CORE on Windows 10 Pro, Intel NUC. Every Reboot of the NUC I am notified of a Tidal error and asked to login again.

Already tried excluding the account, rebooting everything, adding the account again. Did nothing.

Hello @Marcelo_Bulgueroni, could you please reproduce the error and reply here with a timestamp (in your local time) when you do? Our team would like to enable diagnostics on your account to take a closer look. Thanks!

Ok! I’ll try that tomorrow, thanks!

Just happened. 9:29 or 9:30 AM Brazilian time. Had to login again.

Happened again immediately after reboot. 13:17 BR time.

Hello @Marcelo_Bulgueroni, thank you again for your report.

I have been discussing this issue with the technical team and we are aware of a few similar reports where users have to re-login to TIDAL upon Core reboot.

There is an active investigation in progress and QA is looking into what improvements can be made in this area of the login flow.

We appreciate your patience while this investigation is ongoing and apologies for the inconvenience of having to re-login when the Core is rebooted in the meantime.

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Thanks Nuwriy! Since I do not reboot my core daily the issue is just a minor annoyance to me. I am certain you will find what’s causing this. Glad to be of any further help in case you need it in the future.

Hello! Just to confirm that Core Build 571 still has the bug. But it is a little easier to deal with, happens every time I reboot, but after I click “retry” it seems to immediately reconnect instead of sending me to a browser window for manual login.

Hello @Marcelo_Bulgueroni, yes you are correct. We have made some changes to the TIDAL login process and are still investigating the current behavior.

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Thanks for the update! :smile:

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