TIDAL Explore Genres

I have been revisiting the Explore area of Tidal and am finding a lot to like. In the Indie/Pop Genre there are 87 sub-Genres to choose from as an example. The Folk/Americana Genre opens up to 40 sub-Genres. Since I have seen so many negative comments about Tidal’s poor search engine, I just wanted to say I am finding a lot to like. As usual, YMMV.


I mean, Tidal gets so much hate around these parts… I’ll add my support!

I adore it in spite of the issues it has that are absolutely deal breakers for every other service as far as I am concerned. Mostly because I used every single one of them prior to paying for a year of Tidal hifi plus family through BB. SQ for me is perfect. That is an opinion also don’t kill me.

Also you really do have to interact with the service and actually add things to your collection/library or you will probably end up with hip hop and t swift (barf) filled daily mixes. I spend SO MUCH time doing that and my daily mixes have improved greatly.

I will say that I wrote their support team a really long email last night, because my Sonos system stopped showing up in Roon as anything but airplay and I have all Google stuff otherwise, including my phone. Of course after the email, I fixed it somehow. Unsurprising.

I addressed some things like the shuffle algorithm, and my discover daily/daily mixes have songs that are not only in my collection, I listen to them frequently!! I realize that both Tidal and Roon are works in progress, and I have plenty of patience as long as I can SOME WAY listen to my chunes. I usually won’t email support, I just wait for the next update :woman_shrugging:t2: things are usually fixed by then.

Anyway that was a little longer than I intended haha but I think this is my first post? And no one else understands what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff. Or cares lmfao. So I’m unloading on my fellow A-words. (I cannot use that word to describe myself, I apologize, but the internet has made me really resent the label because so many of us are so superior and elitist about SOUND QUALITY and unafraid to be really mean to each other :[ I really appreciate this community for not being so severely that way… I’m less scared to talk here)

Thanks for being cool nerds like me and super thanks if you read this far hahaha :rofl:

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