Tidal failing while everything else works. I am logged in fine

Roon Core Machine

Latest Roon
Intel NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

no really relevant since other machines on the same network can access Tidal through the tidal app, but not through Roon. We also know Roon is connected to internet since radio plays

Connected Audio Devices

Doen’t matter. Same issue regardless of what device i play to, adn local files nad radio play. Its all about tidal

Library Size

dont really know

Description of Issue

I am logged into Tidal
Many titles do not show up; e.g.: if i click a local MP3 copy and look at “versions” the Tidal versions that i play regularly do not show up.
When i can get to a Tidal album, it says “that album is not available from tidal right now, too many failures”. This applies to any album i try.

Was working fine. No changes were made to configuration.

I restarted ROCK (well, Roon actually, i will try the entire server)

EDIT: I shut down ROCK completely and re-started. Same issue. One album completely missing (cannot find in search) others pop up, begin ot play and fail with the error above.

Hi @Just_Me, any change if you sign out of Tidal and then back in?

Are you able to play Tidal content okay in their app?

  1. Yes i can play through tidal. I wrote that up top
  2. I logged out of tidal in ROON. ISSUE!! it did not log me out, rather it asked if i wanted to delete the information!!!. I said yes and had to re-enter info. This is not good UI.
  3. There was no change in system behavior
  4. So i restarted ROCK/roon after the new logout/login – no change to behavior

… however, now one of the albums that didn’t show up at all previously does show up. If i play it the following dialogs appear at the bottom of the roon screen:

  1. That track is not available from tidal righ now
  2. too many failures, stopping playback
  3. Playing 17 tracks (?) ← not its not, it just lies.


Thanks for the update, @Just_Me.

Please note the exact local time + date when this issue next occurs and the name of the track that was playing and upload your Roon Logs by using these instructions. The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service please let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.

It is any time any track so long as its tidal. I will send logs.

Can i not simply zip them and email to you?

Is no one else having Roon-tidal problems?

There are no widespread reports of this, so it’s definitely not happening for everyone. Logs should help clear up what might be happening. If you’d prefer an alternate method for sending the logs, I’ll PM you. Thanks!

What address shall i send the dropbox link to the named Logs ZIP file?

You don’t want it posted publicly here do you?

I messaged you with URL

Followed up via PM. Thanks!

Hi Dylan,

You have the files and I’ve asked in PM about the follow up (tidal; file) location.

I can share this however - i am messaging two friends who also use Tidal and both of them get the same issue periodically and apparently have asked about it, so whether you call it “widespread” or not, its nto an isolated icident.

Dylan - i’ve had a clarification question in via PM for a couple of hours now…

Could you respond with the info I need? TIA,

Hi Dylan,

I’ve seen nothing back in 24 hours. With much searching i did find the tidal_account file and caches. I followed your directions and removed both, restarted, re-entered my tidal info and…

No change to behavior.

What do we do next?

I also sent you a PM but posted here for others to benefit from.

Files are in rock/data/Roonserver/database…