Tidal fails to login


I can’t get Tidal to login.

Precious thread on this topic says to click edit button within services. I can’t see that option.



When I go to Settings->Services, I see (from top to bottom) Tidal, Qobuz, DropBox.

Do you have any of those?

Tagging @support for you.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

Yeah I see tidal. It says disconnected. I click to login and then it says the login details are incorrect. However, I am definitely using the same login details used to login to the Tidal App.

I did recently change the password. Maybe Roon is unable to manage that? No idea…

Dunno, maybe your password isn’t what you think it is.

It happens.:sunglasses:

Hey @lou_weis – would you mind changing your password on their website one more time, and confirming that you still can’t log in?

If it fails again, let us know what time the failed log in happened, and we’ll take a look at some diagnostics.


Hi Mike,

I have just done that and it still isn’t working.

best wishes,


Have you rebooted the server at all?

Hello @lou_weis,

I would try rebooting the Core and also trying the same login on the TIDAL web app (https://listen.tidal.com).

Plesae let me know if that helps.

– Noris