Tidal favorite album disappeared (part 2)

Hello, Roon @support team

I search in this forum and found that someone have a problem like me, I try to read and do as the suggestion but not successful.

My problem is the same, In the past year I had favorite Tidal albums more than 200 albums, and everything working perfectly, Roon collected all Tidal albums in favorite menu, but around 3-4 months ago, all Tidal albums in my favorite disappeared!! Very sad and hard to find these good albums again.

Yesterday I try to add Tidal albums in favorite menu again, it success but after shutdown Roon Nucleus and start to play again by today, All Tidal disappeared as the same. I discuss with my friend and he also have same problem like me too.

Please help me resolve this problems

Thank You

Hello @Munkong_Gadget — Thanks for sharing this report with us, it’s always appreciated!

To start, may I kindly ask that you please elaborate a bit more on the behavior you’re seeing regarding your TIDAL favorited albums? Are these albums still showing as favorites in the TIDAL app and just not showing in your Roon library?

Yesterday I try to add Tidal albums in favorite menu again, it success but after shutdown Roon Nucleus and start to play again by today, All Tidal disappeared as the same.

Yesterday when you added TIDAL albums, did you do so from Roon or in the TIDAL app? Just to confirm, these albums showed in your Roon library and then were gone after closing and reopening Roon? Is the behavior the same regardless of where you add the albums from (Roon and TIDAL)?


Hello, Dylan

I will report to you now,

Today very strange! all Tidal albums in Roon favorite menu showed with normally, I back to check Tidal app, it show only favorite albums that I add on yesterday. but more 200 albums that I add from the past year disappeared.

I prefer to add favorite album from Tidal via Roon, It convenient and I never add favorite albums direct from Tidal app.

Now I sure the fault is from Tidal, because I just compare favorite Tidal albums direct from my iPhone and iPad, the favorite albums not the same, it show with different (not via Roon)

May be this fault is from Tidal, Can you have any suggestion for me?


Thanks for the update, @Munkong_Gadget

Is there any chance that you possibly have two TIDAL accounts that are being mixed up here?

You said that Roon albums are showing normally. Does that include the past 200 albums as well as the newer albums that were added?

Roon will show whatever favorites you have in the linked TIDAL account in your library. When you add albums from TIDAL to your Roon library within Roon, that should in turn favorite the album in TIDAL.


Hello, Dylan

Thank for your information :smiley:
I only have one Tidal account, but Tidal on my iPhone and on my iPad showed with different favorite albums.

Today Roon and Tidal still showing normally, but the past 200 albums disappeared past 3 months. I must try to add them again.

if I found any problem I will update to you again

Thanks for helpful

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Hello, Dylan

New Report!

Today I have time to open my Roon Nucleus, and found all favorites albums not appeared. it the same problem, and I also check to Tidal favorites, all previous favorite albums not appeared too. I sure some problem is from Tidal side.

I hope your team must contact and discuss this problem direct to Tidal, because Tidal is your partner, and Roon Nucleus can integrated only with Tidal, if Tidal have more bugs and can’t sync smoothly with Roon Nucleus, I think it not good for Roon too.

Thank You

Hello @Munkong_Gadget,

Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing difficulties here. My recommendation here is to contact TIDAL support. They may be able to tell you why your favorites are no longer there and help you get them back. Once your favorites are back in TIDAL, you should see them back in Roon.


OK! will do by now :smiley: