TIDAL Favorite Artists - wrong picture format

All those coneheads…

Ouch. @Brian2 ?

No bueno, I’ll get a fix in for the next build.

They are back again!

Is anybody taking care of this @mike?
It’s still the case with Build 154.

What platform are you on @NOA?

RoonServer on a W7 Pro PC, iPad App.

Hi Mike,

I see this too. For me, it’s fine on the OS X version, but I see the Coneheads on the iPad app.

Cheers, Greg

@mike, any progress expected here?

Hey @mike,

Is there a new ticket in for this? I notice this too on Mac Sierra and iPad.

Cheers, Greg

Yeah, we have a ticket on this – it didn’t get done in time for the last release, but we’ll be looking at it soon.

Thanks for the reminder @NOA, @Greg – we’ll get this fixed up soon.