Tidal Favorite Tracks Organized by Date Added

Hi everyone. First post here. I recently purchased a year of Roon after hearing the clear improvement over the Tidal player. Loving it for that reason so far.

It would be nice to have my Tidal favorite tracks organized by date added. It looks like at the moment, they can only be organized by Name, Artist, and Album.

Thanks fellas

Click on the down arrow on the far right of the columns. That will allow to enable other columns you on which you can sort. Just enable “Date Added”.

I am aware that this is the way to configure ordering for tracks in the library, but I see no such way to add ordering methods for the Tidal favorite tracks section.

What do you mean by tidal favourite tracks?
Screenshot would help

It’s a little buried, so I’ll path it out here.
From the side menu under browse > Tidal > Your Favorites > (scrolling down) Tracks.

The artists and albums sections of the Your Favorites section also appear to have no sorting options. They are stuck alphabetical.

This also appears to be the case when looking at the Qobuz section.

Could sorting just be limited to library items?

Ok gotcha.
Favourited Tidal and Qobuz tracks are in your library.
To see and sort them use Focus.
Tracks, Focus then select Tidal or Qobuz.

Oh, I see. Thanks :slight_smile:
I suppose this is just a growing pain. I’ve gotten used to using Tidal’s favorite tracks list in chronological order of me adding to it. I figured out I can also just create a new playlist of my tidal favorites in tidal’s app, and then see it in preferred order in Roon under playlists.

If anyone else happens upon this, here’s how to do that:

In Tidal’s desktop program, go to your Tracks under My Collection. Start playing your first track. Then open the play queue. There’s a save button on the top that allows you to save the whole queue as a playlist. I named mine “Tidal Favorites”. The playlist will appear in Roon’s playlists section (make sure “Shared Playlists” is enabled under the drop-down menu “My Playlists”). The tracks in the playlist can be ordered by any of Roon’s sorting methods including Track Number to preserve Tidal’s track order.


and I never received an answer from Roon