TIDAL favorite tracks sorting by date added

I would like to be able to sort favorites from TIDAL by date they’ve been added to favorites. The current (and only available) option is sorting by name.


If you go to Tracks.
Select favourites at the top.
Now select focus then Format and select Tidal. Then in the drop down menu at the top add in the Date Added column, which you can sort on. Mine’s Qobuz but the same thing applies.

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Thanks, sadly this only seems to work on Roon on Windows itself? I see no such option on Android and even on Windows, it doesn’t show tracks that I added as favorite in Tidal itself.

No you have to have favourites them in roon. Favouriting them in Tidal gets them into your roon library but not as roon favourites.
And yes focus only works on tablets and PCs.

Bummer, it would’ve been nice if Roon would add a “Sort by - date” tab in Tidal -> Favorites and sync the dates with Tidal.

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Yep, it’s really a shame this feature doesn’t exist yet in Roon. I stream almost solely from Tidal where I have 1000+ favourite tracks, which I typically play in the date added order. I was hoping that Roon (which I’m trying for the first time today) would mimic the Tidal app features, which is unfortunately not the case. I understand that Roon’s philosophy is different (integrating all music across sources), but would be great if it could take over more Tidal features to the Tidal section of the app.