Tidal Favorites Coming and Going [Solved]

For the last day or two Tidal has been acting strange.

My Tidal favorites seems to come and go. It seems like all of them spontaneously remove themselves and later on they reappear, one at a time.

This has never happened before.

What is going on?

Actually, not sure its just Tidal albums.

I started the day with about 12000 albums. I now have 7916.

This has happened several times today, where the albums remove themselves one by one and then reappear one by one.


Hi @steveoat87,

That sounds very odd. I’ve shifted this thread into Support because I’m pretty sure @mike and @vova will want to get to the bottom of it. Would you mind providing some details as per this post ? That will give them a head start in their investigation.

Hey @steveoat87 – we traced this to a bug in Tidal’s API, and we’ve received word it’s now been resolved.

Let us know if you see this issue again. Thanks!

Mike, so far so good.