TIDAL favorites I added to Roon library are gone - Other random TIDAL selections now appear in my library

My Roon library has been drastically edited by someone? Many tidal selection that I added to my Roon library are gone and other tidal selection I did not add to my Roon library have been added, not by me!

I sent a message to support@tidal.com / thus far no information.

Any information regarding this could be helpful. I’m currently evaluating tidal with the 3 month free trial and was planning on subscribing, but now I’m reconsidering.

Mike. Change your TIDAL password; it sounds like your account has been hacked.

Done - Is there a way for me to restore my Roon library with the tidal favorites I added before the hack?

Not from Roon’s side I’m afraid. Current behaviour is a two-way sync to your TIDAL favourites.

You might contact TIDAL and ask them if they can revert your favourites to some date, but I don’t know if they can do that.


Thanks Joel for the input - I’ve reset the passwords for both Roon and TIDAL and almost everything is back to “pre-hack” status. I’m not certain how my Roon library and TIDAL favorites were restored but at least for the moment all is good!