Tidal Favorites in Roon

My Favorites in Tidal app. includes more then 2200 albums but Favorite Albums in tab TIDAL in Roon includes only 30 (!) albums. Why?

Favourites in the Tidal app is not the same as Favourites in Roon.

If you Favourite in Tidal, it will ADD the album to your Roon library.

Favourites in Roon is a local flag that you like an album/track/whatever.

However, it is quite easy to make all your Tidal albums in Roon a Roon Favourite:
Create a Tidal filter in Roon (Go to Album View > Focus > Format > Tidal)
Select all Albums (CTRL+A)
Click image button and Favourite them

Hello @Katun,

Just to verify, only 30 TIDAL albums are showing in your Roon library total? Did you just recently sync TIDAL or were these albums showing correctly previously in Roon?


I just added Tidal service in Roon.

How do I synchronize Tidal in Roon so that ALL of my favorite Tidal albums are reflected in the Roon Tidal tab?

What does it mean? Should I wait? How long?

Hi @Katun,

It appears as though your TIDAL library may still be syncing here. I’d give it some time to fully sync and then you should be able to see all of your albums in Roon.

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OK. It worked.:wink:

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