Tidal Favorites into Roon--Quickly?

I’m trying to import from Tidal alternate versions of albums–for example, an original and remaster, or the “master” version and a normal version. One version was favorited a while ago; the other about (eg) 20 minutes ago. I’ve done this twice, for two different albums. Neither “new” version is showing up in Roon yet.

I have “show hidden albums” turned on, and have checked for duplicate versions.

So, either it just hasn’t happened yet (most likely) or it’s somehow still hidden, despite those settings.

So how do I solve this? Is there a way to force Roon to update so that the “new” version is imported more quickly? How long does this usually take? I’ve closed and reopened both programs several times.

Alternatively, if the new version is hidden, how can I make it visible?


Go toTidal in settings and re sync now

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Thank you!

Weirdly, one of the new albums was imported without album art. But the music is there.

You can also use the refresh button at the top of the TIDAL screen.

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Damn. So obvious now that you’ve pointed it out. And I was looking for something like that.