Tidal Favorites Tracks on completely available

I have 113 tracks I have flagged as FAVOURITES using the TIDAL app (use at work). At home I use ROON and my ROON integration with Tidal does not bring in all the favourite tracks. It only brings in about 25 or 35 (at work now so cannot give exact number). I believe the problem is that ROON is only getting the first PAGE of data from my TIDAL favourites list. I am assuming TIDAL’s integration API supports PAGING and ROON is only getting the first PAGE.

I am using the ROON Windows App on Windows 10.

Hi @yyzSB – how many Tidal favorites do you have total, meaning across artists, albums, and tracks? We’re waiting on an update from Tidal relating to some API issues that can come into play with large numbers of favorites.

If you’re not into the thousands, let me know and we’ll get some logs to see what’s happening here.

Sorry for the trouble!

14 Playlists (most were created by TIDAL)
3 Artists
48 rows x 8 columns = 384 Albums (may have miscounted a row)
113 Tracks

Not a big deal with this issue. I know you guys are building a new system so these issues will arise.

BTW - may I also suggest a way to have smaller images on your interface so that I can view more of my collection on the screen. I know you are catering to more of a touch based user (I am a desktop or laptop user for now) so the larger images are needed.

My impression is that your GUI is not as powerful using a mouse as say the TIDAL GUI. Things like vertical scrolling are also useful to mouse users like me. Maybe have some configuration options to help out some of us mouse users. I saw the difference today at work when I used the TIDAL app and not ROON (my physical music collection is at home). I was using ROON at work for months (about 8 - 10 hours a day) but today I switched and I felt the DISCOVERY of my TIDAL collection was better using the TIDAL app. I can see more stuff on the TIDAL app.

I switched to TIDAL today because I reinstalled a client and server of ROON at my home machines and had license issues installing another version of ROON Server with only TIDAL content. I do not really care about this last issue for now.

Another issue that I resolved and you may wanted to keep note of is that the old Nvidia NVS video cards do not work well with ROON. I was blowing up the app and sometimes the OS. The Windows 10 OS blew up quite a few times. I switched back to Windows 2012 R2 and the OS no longer crashed but ROON and the latest video driver(s) would still crash with the NVS driver. I bought a new Nvidia GEFORCE GT 720 card ($40) and neither the OS, ROON, or the video driver crash with Windows 2012 R2. I have now switched back to Windows 10 with the new card and neither the OS, ROON, or the video driver crash anymore (things work PERFECTLY) . These previous crashes were related to ROON. I had been using that card for years prior to the switch with Windows 2012 R2 with 0 problems.