Tidal favourite tracks disappeared

4 days into roon loving it so far. yesterday my favourite tracks from tidal appeared on pressing the heart symbol in tracks. today when i press the heart only a few track that i favourited today are visible and the tidal ones have vanished no matter what i do. my albums/artists are fine in roon copied from tidal. just the tracks. many thanks

Having only been a Roon member for 4 days is it ok to use @support at will or is it only for urgent help as needed?

Thanks Mohab

Hi @mohab_hassan ----- Thank you for the feedback!

Moving forward, I wanted to check in with you to see if any progress or new observations have been made since reporting this behavior with your “favorited” TIDAL tracks.

Furthermore, just to help me understand this behavior a bit better. When you go into the track browser and click the “favorites” Icon (i.e the “:heart:” at the top of the screen) to focus on your favorite tracks, you are missing content you’ve favorited, correct? Since noticing this behavior have you…

  • Checked to make sure TIDAL has synced up?
    (Path: Settings - > Services - > TIDAL - > EDIT)

  • Have you tried logging in and out of TIDAL?


Hello Eric,

i have been on a steep learning curve with respect to how roon catalogues and arranges albums and artists as opposed to tidal. for eg i now know you need to add an album first before adding the respective artist. i also noticed favourited tidal artists and albums do not automatically appear as favourites in roon. in roon you have the choice to add them as favourites or not. adding an album to your library in roon results in the artist instantly appearing in the artists folder. i don’t have many favourite tracks in tidal so i can quickly do those manually. 3-4 days in and i’m just starting to get a feel for roon and with the metadata available it is really fantastic. i will be continuing with my membership. i managed to import around 10.500 tracks so far from tidal. i’m running an imac-optical-chord mojo-oppo pm1 headphone. simple set up with a stunning sound. thanks mohab. (with respect to the favourite tracks not appearing from the tidal app in roon this must be because roon does not automatically favourite an artist, album or track just because it is favourited in tidal as i mentioned before). this is all to the best of my understanding 3 days in and from the knowledge base.