Tidal Favourites not loading / No Tidal Search in Roon Android App

Hi, I’m running Roon Core on an i7, 32Gb RAM iMac, renderer on a Sonore MicroRendu, and the Android Roon App on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. This issue seems to have manifested with the latest recent app update:

My Tidal favourites won’t load in the app, with an error message asking me to check my internet connection. However Tidal albums in my roon Library will play without problem. The roon app Search functionality only returns music in my NAS-based music library and doesn’t included Tidal albums and the like. I can play anything from my NAS without issue.

Any help would be gratefully received.


Hi Phil,

Check this thread out.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Many thanks for the link - restarting Roon core did the job.