Tidal files playing in low quality [Resolved - Source was MP3]

Today, I noticed inside the signal path that my Tidal files are consistently playing in low quality (with signal path button yellowed out). I am in the USA and I have a Tidal hifi account. Music stored on my local network plays in normal “Enhanced” quality as it should.So what should I do correct the Tidal playback issue?


A screen shot of your signal path would be helpful in figuring out what the problem is.

Note that some (relatively few) files streamed via Tidal HiFi are less than CD quality, but you mention that you’re “consistently” getting low quality, so the problem probably lies elsewhere.

Okay, here they are:

Upper portion

Lower portion

MP3 yikes…that will do it

Ok so that was it then? Tidal was feeding me MP3 files… It figures… I have been playing several Omar Sosa Albums today from Tidal and that is why I was getting the “low quality” warning, apparently because they were not streaming in CD quality…

I just switched artists, still in Tidal, and the “low quality” signal is gone. It must be that the Omar Sosa albums I was playing were also streaming in less than CD quality, as David explains.

Okay, problem solved! No wait, there wasn’t any to start with! (Facepalm)… Next time, I’ll inspect the signal more carefully before “crying wolf”

Thanks for your quick assistance, David and Wizardofoz.

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