Tidal "Frozen", not playing

First, when I launch Roon on my ipad (controller for Roon on my SalkSound Streamer 3), the Room icon just spins and spins, as if it is trying to launch. But I think Roon is working OK. I can play music from the tracks stored on the streamer and I can connect with and play the internet radio stations available. But Tidal is another story…

If I click on the 3 bars in the upper left corner and select Tidal from the dropdown, a screen appears with the Roon icon in the middle and Tidal at top, but the Roon icon again shows the attempt to connect/load. If on that screen I click the magnify glass, I get a search line, and when I type in a search i.e., Buddy Holly, I get the usual selection of albums, etc. If I click on a particular album, the screen offers the ‘play now’ button along with the other usual stuff. If I click on the ‘play now’ button it shows ‘playing 20 tracks’ and the time bar appears at the bottom with the vertical bars and the forward and back carats. But no playing. The time bar does not advance.

Now if I go back to the 3 bars in upper left and select Settings>services>Tidal, it shows ‘signed in’ and to the left of the ‘edit’ button is a spinning circle, I assume showing an attempt to load. If I click the ‘edit’ button, it show I am signed in, but the next line shows ‘syncing library now’, which I assume refers to that spinning circle.

I checked with Tidal on line and I am paid up til May 1, so its not like I have been cut off.

Any ideas?

Have you tried rebooting the core?

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Well, by golly, that seems to have worked. I re-booted the core and was able to re-connect to Tidal. I had gone to the Tidal enable/disable screen on the Salk and tried to disable and then re-enable, but to no avail.

But re-booting the core did the trick. Thanks.

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