TIDAL - Gapless Playback? [Resolved - only with HiFi subscription]

Is it just me, or is it not possible to achieve true gapless playback using TIDAL streaming in Roon?

It’s very nearly gapless, but when playing Opera or classical compositions where multiple tracks make up one symphony movement, the transition from one track to the next is very obvious and distracting (to me).

I should say that I’m subscribed to the lower-tier of TIDAL, i.e. not HiFi.

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I’ve actually been impressed when listening to TIDAL through Roon because it does seem have gapless playback; TIDAL’s own app doesn’t play gapless (on Windows or Android) which was really annoying.

This comes from me listening to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s “Nonagon Infinity” many many times via TIDAL in Roon.

For a data point, I subscribe to TIDAL HiFi.

I thought this was working before, but I’ve noticed in the latest version there seems to have been a regression - I, too, am hearing very slight gaps between tracks in what should be gapless playback (e.g., classical music).

I just tried again and I don’t notice any perceptible pause whatsoever between tracks. My core is a 5i7 NUC (1.3, build 209) playing to a Raspberry Pi 3 running DietPi v146 (1.3, build 75) feeding a Chord Mojo via USB. It’s running wireless too, no less.

Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions… :confused:

Thanks, Keith. I’m now wondering whether it’s more noticeable on the lower-tier streaming, given that you and I subscribe to different tiers.

I’m on premium (highest tier), and I hear the tiny gaps, as well.

I’ll do some experimentation to see if it’s perhaps something in my playback chain (i.e., I use Tidal through Roon > HQPlayer > mRendu > DAC) - maybe it works just fine direct from Roon > DAC.

As I said, I did not notice this prior to the current build, so it’s either a regression of sorts or coincidental / connected that something else in the chain is no longer playing its role perfectly.

Geoff, have you an album we can all try for reference?

Mark, try this one - it has multiple tracks per movement, and I ended up buying a download, because playback of the TIDAL version was so distracting

It’s playing gapless here. (In UK; Hi-Fi sub; RAAT to PC’s internal OS mixer.)

I’ll try it over Squeezebox streaming later.

Have you got some different endpoints you can mess about with to see if there is some odd Roon/Tidal transport interaction happening?

Just tried it in the main system using Squeezebox Streaming and can confirm it’s gapless there too.

You’re hearing no jump occurring between tracks 2 and 3? That’s a particularly jarring jump here.

I can hear it on two zones. One being via a microRendu to a QUAD Artera Link, and the other being via a HiFiBerry Digi+ - Spdif - to a Denon 3808 AVR.

No jump at all, I did 1->2 and 2->3

Hmm… he said, furrowing his brow (in order to keep the forum software happy)


OK, now I’m hearing flawless gapless playback :stuck_out_tongue: which is great, but a bit disconcerting, as I definitely heard gaps before (i.e., just yesterday).

I’m keeping an eye on this, but can’t contribute examples, as it’s now working for me.

OK, I’ll raise you a gap…

This was taken playing back to the endpoint on my desktop PC.

Swap to dark theme, will help :smiley:

Nope - still hearing a jump when using the Dark theme.

Probably not the issue, but just in case I thought I’d raise this point. If one has “volume leveling” turned on in Roon playback, and is using track level volume normalization (rather than album level), this can create an obvious change when moving from one track to the next, even if gapless. Not sure how the volume leveling works (if at all) on Tidal tracks as I don’t use Tidal.

Thanks for the thought, but I don’t use volume levelling (or any DSP) on any of these zones.