Tidal Hacking Problem

In case others have the same problem: I paused my Tidal subscription and it kept getting re-activated. I thought that this was just me or my Roon device using the software. Deleting Tidal didnt help and I kept getting a notice that I had re-subscribed.

When I contacted Tidal, they basically said: too bad, read your terms and conditions. After I asked them to delete my account, I noted several additional devices linked to my account. I am not sure how this occurred but I seemed to have been hacked.

Tidal was entirely uninterested in this, either in responding to my complaint or investigating how this might happen. I think it is likely it could happen to others.

Please review the devices attached to your Tidal account.


Good advice. Also, use a very very strong password and change it from time to time. I think a lot of people use the same password as their email account and these are some of the most hacked passwords out there.

I had the same happen to me so if you see this behavior, change passwords immediately.

Many non-technical folks don’t realize how easy it is to hack passwords, and how commonly these services are attacked. The only reasonably safe passwords are generated randomly and never reused across accounts. Nobody can remember them of course, which is why you should be using a password manager like 1Password or the built-in password storage in Apple Keychain and Google Chrome (I don’t use the latter, but it’s a better idea than reused, poor passwords as long as your Google account has a strong password).

Hi, I’ve come to report a similar if not identical issue. I trialled Tidal and cancelled it before I started paying. Months (and months, if not over a year) later - this weekend - I got a payment notification from PayPal telling me that Tidal had just taken a month’s subscription.

I promptly got in touch with Tidal’s support, who, to be fair, dealt with the issue pretty quickly and satisfactorily - they refunded the subscription. Naturally, I suspected a hack, so I’ve changed my Tidal account password. But then I thought about things a bit more and got back in touch with Tidal. The ‘trigger’ (as far as I could tell) for this ‘reactivation’ of Tidal seemed to coincide rather neatly with the latest upgrade to Roon 1.6, which I implemented less than 24 hours before the Tidal ‘reactivation’.

Tidal said they could see that I had logged in on an Android and Fire TV device but not streamed anything. Now, I don’t really do Android, and although I do have a Fire TV, it’s not really used, and certainly not for Tidal - I only ever used Tidal through Roon. I haven’t pushed back further with Tidal since I got what I wanted there and I went back a few times checking on the precise nature of what had happened (although reading through the comments above I am wondering whether I should ask for my account to be deleted).

I don’t understand why anyone would hack my Tidal account and then not download or do anything with it, since the money went to Tidal.

I confess my original and knee-jerk reaction was that Tidal had been acting less than honestly but then I wondered if it was something to do with Roon (but see the device log point - seems unlikely). So, I’m just posting this in case anyone has similar issues or can shed some light for me on what happened - or needs a prompt to monitor their Tidal situation…

It does seem odd that there are these issues popping up just now.