Tidal hi fi not playing after upgrade

@support I just upgraded my tidal subscription from premium to hi fi

However, the masters are still streaming at CD quality - please advise

Masters are MQA files and Stream at CD quality until you hit an MQA DAC which unfolds them to the full resolution the DAC can accommodate.

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Adding to Chris’ reply … MQA DAC or software unfolding by the streaming software… which is on the Roon roadmap.

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So Roon does not currently do the first software MQA unfold to 24/96? And does Roon currently handle Tidal Masters (MQA) files by streaming CD 16/44 or folded 24/48 MQA files? When you say it is on the roadmap is that software unfold to 24/96 or some full software MQA solution?

After further review it is showing above cd quality but I am curious about a few things

Why does it show both 48 and 96khz and why are there conversions when I have dsp disabled in Roon.

Correct, though it is on the roadmap.

Roon’s transport layer is bitperfect, so provided Roon’s DSP features and volume leveling are disabled, then yes.

Roon have not published details, it’s their policy not to … or to confirm timeline.

48khz is what’s passing through Roon. 96Khz is what the file turns into if you have a DAC that can do the full unfold.

Bit depth conversion is being done because you have volume leveling enabled.

Yes, the MQA rate indicates what the original sample rate of the recording is, and what might be achieved using a MQA DAC.

You have Roon’s volume leveling enabled, this is configured (rightly or wrongly) outside of the DSP section.

Andy - Carl, Are you suggesting that BluOS is not MQA-compliant?

I am expecting 96Khz from source to playback with tidal master ->Roon->MQA->BluOS card->M32

Thanks for the help wrt volume leveling - have turned that off as well.