Tidal hi-res tracks don't play in hi-res

My system has no problems playing hi-res tracks. My 192kHz/24 bit version of Kind of Blue, a download from HD Tracks that is on my hard drive shows the proper resolution in Roon when I play it.

This is no longer true of hi-res tracks from my Tidal library. There is a Tidal version of Kind of Blue that is also 192/24 but when I play it, Roon shows “FLAC 44.1kHz 16 bit 2 ch.”

The same is true of Billie Holiday – Songs for Distingue Lovers which also has a 192/24 version.

This is a new problem. Tidal hi-res tracks played on my system have always shown the proper resolution in the past. I also don’t believe this is related to MQA (which I know Tidal is phasing out). Neither the Billie Holiday nor Miles Davis albums mentioned show as MQA versions any longer. But they do show as hi-res.

The information in the attached screen shot is the same for both of the Tidal albums mentioned, both of which are listed – in Roon – as 192/24.

What is going on?

What is your Tidal streaming plan and in settings:services are you set to allow max bit rate streaming?
I believe default is just 16/44.


If you have set it incorrectly in your settings, assuming you have Max. Make sure you log out of Tidal on the Roon Services page after changing it. Then log back in and it should reset your Library. If it doesn’t you may need to restart your Roon Server as well. Good luck.

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Thanks to both of you! I’ve always had a Tidal plan that allows or the maximum resolution, paying $19.99@month for years until they lowered the price recently.

When I looked at my Tidal account directly that plan showed and I was set for MAX streaming. But…within Roon, my Tidal settings showed as the minimum resolution. I have no idea how or why that was ever changed because, as I said, I’ve not had this problem before.

The key step to fix this was logging out of Tidal on the Roon Services page, as Fergus suggested. That was the only way to reset it.

Thanks again.

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Cheers Geoff. Enjoy the music.

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