Tidal “HiFi Plus” Introduced

It’s really interesting reading a paper like this. It further reinforces the fact that the differences that “golden-eared” audiophiles with “highly-resolving” systems claim to hear are no doubt due to cognitive/expectation biases…


Of course that by this, you mean that the result highlights the test subjects’ inferior systems, training, and, most importantly, genetics, right ?


Absolutely! :laughing:

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This is great. Thanks for posting.

24 bit MQA files truncated to 16 bits (lower 8 bits removed) have certainly been reported to be still able to be decoded:

I believe this is a feature, by design, to survive 16-bit transmission. And this is why 44.1kHz-based multiple of MQA on Tidal when truncated to 16 bit from 24 bit still activates MQA decoding in Roon.

Indeed. Just truncating the lower 8 bits of the 24 bit 48kHz based multiple MQA files should also still allow them to be decoded, but as you pointed out earlier, the additional downsampling of those files to 44.1kHz by TIDAL’s HiFi quality connection mangler would prevent any possibility of that as that action would destroy the embedded MQA watermark.

I just moved over to Qobuz. Why settle for semi-hires, when you can have the real deal. Most of the music I like is there. The thing missing is rap which for me is not a problem.


I don’t have a single RAP album in my Roon Library, but out of 550 odd albums I have added to my library from Tidal, more than 80 of them don’t exist in Qobuz. Too many for me to consider losing.

Most of these albums come from Blues or Jazz genres. No Hip Hop, House or RAP in my house!

Hi-res from Qobuz sounds good as does Hi-res (MQA) from Tidal on my systems!.


I think it works both ways. If you’ve started with Tidal and then try Qobuz, then the only outcomes are that Qobuz has all of your favourites or is missing a few.

Likewise if you’d had Qobuz for some time then were to try Tidal, I’m sure Tidal would be missing some of the albums Qobuz has.

The albums you mark as favourite is driven by what’s available on the service(s) you have at that point and time. I guess it all suggests there’s still some value in having a personal local library as a base that’s supplimented by a streaming service. None are quite there yet for me to abandon local copies.


I agree!

My ROON Music Library comprises around 2,200 locally stored albums (on a NAS) and by now around 575 added from Tidal. Many of the Tidal entries I have added have been identified for me by ROON Radio, and quite a large percentage of these are by artists I had never heard of previously.

I do also have a login id for Qobuz, courtesy of the fact that I buy downloads from them ocassionally. This allows me to keep an eye in ROON on what’s available on Qobuz but not on Tidal, although I cannot play the Qobuz content. So far, I haven’t found many on Qobuz that interest me, and that are not available on Tidal. However, as you point out, over time ROON Radio would no doubt find for me albums that would be available exclusively on Qobuz.

Still, what you don’t know you don’t miss, and what’s important to me is that I still have access to the 80 to 90 albums that I would most definitely miss were I to switch from Tidal to Qobuz!

Oh that’s interesting that you can still see what Qobuz offers. I’m like you and use Tidal, but am trying Qobuz for the free month though I likely won’t continue with it.

Bonus of Qobuz, more money to buy records not available on Qobuz…

All these shenanigans from Tidal got me to cancel. Just when hi-res streaming was gaining ground, new audiophiles get more fud to muck through. I am also concerned what f*ckery Spotify will pull.

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I could not “ditto” this more.

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Do Qobuz offer a family plan yet?

One click on the Qobuz homepage will show you this


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No. artists rates are set by number of streams unrelated to quality

@ricgf @Jack_Zimmermann you guys complaining about the rap on Tidal, have you looked at the latest Tidal apps recently?

Or you’re going off looks at the app from last year and earlier?

The same music is there on Qobuz of course… but you might find the ‘home’ page of the Tidal apps have changed a lot and are much more personalised now…

You’ll need to update to their latest app though.

I’m not talking about Tidal through Roon here, I’m talking about the official Tidal apps.

I use Roon of course but away from home I use the Tidal app a lot.


I think the HiFi Plus tier was created for two commercial reasons to reduce subscriber loss/churn:
Provide a new HiFi tier option for those who don’t want/like MQA and are going to Qobuz.
The timing would suggest (but does not prove) this: Qobuz was made available in Australia on April 15; Tidal HiFi Plus was announced in Australia on April 27. I’ve seen quite a few social media and forum postings about Tidal subscribers happy to be able to quit Tidal for a non-MQA lossless offering (and probably for other reasons also) and Tidal obviously would have noticed these cancellations. This popular video released on April 16 did not help MQA’s cause: I published music on Tidal to test MQA - MQA Review - YouTube
Offer a cheaper HiFi tier to be more price competitive with Qobuz and Spotify HiFi (when it becomes available) and for those not needing the Dolby Atmos and 360 RA tracks.
-Qobuz Studio Premier costs AU$24.99/month (equivalent to ~$300/year) or AU$229.99 billed annually (equivalent to ~$19.17/month)
-Tidal HiFi Plus will cost AU$23.99/month and the new HiFi tier will cost AU$17.99/month

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TBH, I doubt that they would have blinked. The Internet noise is disproportionate.

This hits the nail on the head, but for Spotify only, not Qobuz. Qobuz is not a significant player or threat to TIDAL. (Sorry Qobuz fans.)