Tidal hifi / Roon with Mircorendu

Hi all, been reading quite a bit about microrendu. My question is will it make that much of a difference in my current setup? It all sounds pretty good now. Anyway, here is my setup below:
Modem Netgear CM1000
Router DLink AC3200
Roon Core Asus 2 in 1 laptop core i7 16gb ram Windows 10
Streaming Service Tidal Hifi
Dac PS Audio Nuwave DSD 32
Asus laptop is plugged into Dac via USB and I am streaming Tidal Hifi via wifi
Dac is hooked up to a Parasound P3 preamp via balanced XLR
Amp is Parasound A23
Speakers Energy Veritas v6.3 towers

Thanks in advance.

Nobody but you can answer that question. I would try to demo a unit and let your ears decide.

They are always floating around used. You could try one, and if you don’t like it, you wouldn’t lose much (if any) money. I have a first version one (v1.3 with 2.5 firmware). It’s a nice device.

As Tony said, if you can demo one, that would be a plus.

It is common knowledge that you separate the computer where Roon server is located from your DAC, you would hear an improvement in performance. In other words, you would play the music into a DAC from a specialty made audio streamer (such as microRendu, SOtM sMS-200, etc.), not from your Asus laptop. Easy to do, since you have Roon. I’d say try it!