Tidal: hope for RoPieee for the future?

I know Tidal debate flares up occasionally. Just wondering if anyone has seen this:

Looks like there might be hope that Tidal will allow an official integration in due course…

Thanks for everything you do. #RopieeeIsLife

Why should it be? … in Ropieee there isn’t even a Qobuz client (or any other streaming service), Ropieee “dna” is to be an endpoint, not a player itself
… it already exists in Volumio …

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RopieeeXL supports other services, one of which is Spotify Connect. I assume the OP is looking for it to also support Tidal Connect.

Last I looked, Qobuz did not have a Qobuz Connect. It relies on using the Qobuz app and casting to play through a streamer. (When not using Roon, of course.)


… or using a upnp control point app, the very same is possible with Tidal.
The Tidal Connect “extension” available somewhere is an illegal reverse engineering.

Yup, that’s right. Apologies, wasn’t being clear. The comment refers to the platform opening up, presumably offering possibilities in the future for RoPieee to support Tidal Connect.

Thanks for clarifying.


TBH I’ve got a Tidal Connect implementation working over here :wink:

And it’s an official one. But that one is for the commercial side of things.
I have been playing with the idea to discuss with Tidal what the problem would be (and tbh: I don’t know, never asked them) if RoPieee would provide an official Tidal Connect client…