TIDAL images missing?[fixed]

Since few hours TIDAL images are missing.

Tidal / Roon remote servers problems or local setup issue ?
Thank you

Same issue, looks like a tidal/roon issue

I have to restart Roon on the server end every couple of weeks to resolve this. Happened yesterday and it cleared up by restarting the software.

I’ve restarted the server and cleared the cache but no joy !
Also a problem with local images on my setup …

Add me to the list. Just started this morning. Tidal and local both. Tried resynch and library cleanup. Tried restart server. No joy. Does it on both computer and iDevices. 2012 Mac mini with 8 gb ram newest os

Thanks guys. That’s a server side issue. We are on it.

Good news !

rolled out fix !

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Thank you @danny !
Any explanation on this issue ?