Tidal import music issue and iPhone connection


I’m using Roon on a 15 inch 2.9 Ghz 2017 MacBook Pro. First installed it in December en find it to be very friendly visually and functionally for my needs. Always hated how Tidal, Spotify, Dezzer, etc. Present their softwares, way to techy and no real artistry there just plain functionality in the simplest way. I use the software to listen to music via a Bang & Olufsen A6, B&W Zeppelin and various Wireless Headphones. Some day I hope I can afford some nice equipment to use it as really intended although I’m already thinking about forgetting of the wireless functionality and get at least an Audioquest firefly… should I?! haha

Anyways, down to the issues:

  1. Since I entered my Tidal Account, a huge ton of new albums simply appeared on my Tidal Account without me slowing this to happen, I’m talking of at least some 200-400 new albums of music that’s definitely similar to what I hear but not exactly what I like and let’s face it, I don’t like getting a bunch of albums without me allowing it. This was a problem but I simply saw the best of it and started listening to them and deleting the ones I definitely don’t want. Ive been doing this since December and the albums just keep appearing in my account time and time again… Roon doesn’t seem to sync correctly with Tidal which is were I delete them in the first place. I like to manage my music from the core music service and not through Roon. Can anyone please help me?

  2. I have and iPhone 7 plus which I use as a controlled for the core which is the computer but it’s very common to try and connect the phone to Roon but usually can’t do it and if I can do it it only works once through the complete listening session. Can the be fixed in some way?

  3. Just out of curiosity can some one advice me on the best way to setup Roon the play music through airplay?..any new hardware?..software to improve the computers DSP?


I suspect when setting up the Tidal account on Roon, you said yes to add Tidal collections…

To remove them, see
FAQ: I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?

Hello @Estuardo_Nolck,
Thank You for contacting support, my name is Noris and I’d be happy answer your questions for you.

  1. As @Carl mentioned, you most likely have selected the “add Tidal Collections to Roon and you can remove them by following the link @Carl previously posted.

  2. It sounds like you may have a networking issue regarding control from your iPhone. Have you tried rebooting your core machine along with any relevant networking hardware? If rebooting the machine/hardware does not resolve the issue, can you please try to reinstall the iPhone Application? (Note: I am not asking you to reinstall the Roon Core on your Computer, just try reinstalling the iPhone application that you originally downloaded from the App Store)

  3. You should be able to use Roon’s integrated DSP engine on Airplay devices, but just to give you some insight though Airplay can only stream a maximum “sample rate” of 48 kHZ so conversion options will be limited. All other DSP settings will be able to be adjusted freely.

I hope this helps but if you have any other questions, just let me know and I can try to answer them for you.


Hi @Carl, thanks for answering. I’ll try everything that you[ve suggested to fix my issues.

On regards to the third point, I know the quality of my streaming will be limited due to Airplay specifications. But going in more depth, I’d like to know if there’s a way to increase the volume at which my music is streamed to the speakers. I noticed a change on volume at which the music plays through airplay but I know as a fact that it’s due to a recent software update made by Apple and the decibel level was decreased. This happened around the time the apple speakers was released last year. Obviously a strategy made by apple to make third party speakers less attractive in my opinion.

If there’s something I could tweak on the audio settings I’d appreciate any advice.


Hello @Estuardo_Nolck,

Continuing forward, can you please verify that you are experiencing this decrease in volume only with the mentioned “apple speakers” in your previous post or are you noticing this same behavior with your other devices as well (i.e “Bang & Olufsen A6, B&W Zeppelin”)? If you believe that you are feeling these effects due to an “apple update”, it is hard to say how much we can do to address that behavior. However, my best recommendation would be to first trying to adjust the “Parametric EQ” settings in the DSP engine to see if you can set the volume to a suitable level that way.