Tidal In Roon Albums not appearing if in my collection

Sorry if this question sounds daft. Just started using Roon and hence encountering some teething problems.

If I search for an artist in Roon I discover that albums I own and which are stored on my computer show up. However under Tidal I can only see the albums which I have not got. Hence I searced "Brad Paisley " and I own about 15 albums. They all show up. However Tidal has some compilation album AND THAT IS IT.
Is this all to do with settings?
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Roon shows by difference just as you describe, to see Tidal alternatives go to the actual album , you will see a tab Version showing all recordings on Tidal

Is that what you mean ?

Ok. I understand that. I thought they would be duplicated as such under the Tidal heading. Thank you for responding