Tidal : increase buffer time


Unfortunately, we have a bad internet connection and are experiencing some stutter on Tidal Hifi that is not there when using Tidal Premium. Is there a way to increase the Tidal buffer?


Hey @Georgethesixth – unfortunately, there isn’t a way to increase the buffer in Roon right now.

Can you let us know where you’re located? And also which platform your’re using TIDAL on other than Roon?

Belgium. I use it also on IOS.

Hey @Georgethesixth – I’d like to get some log files to confirm exactly what the issue is here. I’m going to follow up via PM with some instructions.


Hi Mike,

Unfortunately I’m running a non-supported config : Win server 2012. I’m almost convinced this has nothing to do with it, but I can hardly expect Roonlabs to spent time on 2012.
Next week Friday, I have a day off. I’ll try to organise a temporary hard disk by then and I will install Windows 10 on the same Intel NUC i5 8GB so I can provide you with some decent logs.
For the tests I will use a temporary Tidal premium account and my own Hifi account.
Is that OK for you ?

Don’t worry about it @Georgethesixth – just reproduce the stutter you’re describing, then immediately send the logs using the instructions I PM’d you.

You don’t need to change your setup while we’re gathering information about this issue, ok?

Did anything get resolved here? I also have some audio breakup just at the very start of a Tidal stream.

Would be great if Tidal just supported local caching……

If enough club DJs bug them about local caching I have a feeling they’ll do it.

We didn’t get any feedback from @Georgethesixth - topic is closed. Feel free to open new if similar is happening to you. FYI: TIDAL dropouts may be caused by network instability, so checking your network is a good first step.